About Me

I am Annam Senthil Kumar.I come from Nagarathar Community or Chettiar Community of Chettinad. I am the editor,photographer and author of this blog.  At first i did not know how to focus in dslr. Now i Focus well, i think. I live in Chennai. I did my graduation in Mathematics at Chennai Qmc College. I am interested in cooking, gardening, art and crafts, painting and needle work. I have very good collection of recipes, which i have collected over about 20 years. 
I learned cooking from my mom. She is a good Home maker.She only taught me all traditional cooking techniques and recipes.

After completing my mathematics degree at chennai, i got married S.Senthilkumar of Madurai. I have one son. His name is Arvind.  In those days we were in Madurai. In those days i had the opportunity to participate many food festivals and carnivals. Where i also had the opportunity to participate in many cooking, baking, arts and crafts workshops organised by lions club and Maditssia where my husband was a member.
During this period i got the exposure as well as experience as the workshops were conducted by many leading star hotels of Madurai. This gave me the courage and experiance to write my books on all regular and special recipes in tamil. I have written 5 books in tamil, on soup, juice, nutritional cooking, diabetic cooking and star hotel restaurant recipes. This only also made me organise and publish this blog-Annams recipes. Now I am engaged as a guest author in Anantha Vikatan Publications and I am regularly contributing to almost all their publications like Aval Vikatan, Doctor Vikatan, Sakthi Vikatan, Aval Kitchen, etc,. Now a days I am doing regular cookery shows in “Rusikkalam Vanga ” Puthu yugam TV also.

Though i am a strict vegetarian i cook all non-vegetarian dishes like fish, chicken, mutton etc for my son and husband.
I try a lot of new recipes.Though i specialised in chettinad cooking recipes. I am more interested in trying out all North Indian Recipes and chinese recipes.
If you like my recipes introduce by blog to your friends. If you have some innovative new recipes do share with me. 

Some of my  Soap flower and  fruits are 

Crochet mat and cross stitch flower done by me.


This site is a new venture to bring out my works in English to make it more beneficial to the Tamils living around the World.


  1. Wonderful website with great recipes. Thanks for stopping by my page.

  2. Hi I write on food & would like to use your recipe and quotes in my story for a newspaper. Pls do get in touch with me on thanks!