Rice Flour Vadam

Rice Flour Vadam | Colour Rice flour vadam 
Rice Flour Vadam

 Rice flour vadam is very easy to make, even the beginners can try little quantity and try how it comes. It will dry quickly and this can be tried even on mild summer days. Try this and share your feed back with me.
Preparation time - 20 minutes
Drying time - 3 days
Yield - 150 gms
Here is a quick video

Rice Flour Vadam

Raw rice flour - 1 cup
Water - 5 ½ cup
Greenchilli paste - 1 tsp
Salt - ¾ tsp
Cuminseed - ½tsp
Green food colour - pinch
Pink food colour - Pinch
Add rice flour in a vessel. Add 2 ½ cup of water and make a smooth batter without lumps. Boil  3 cups of water.

Rice Flour Vadam

Add rice batter to it and stir continuously.Add green chilli paste, cumin seed and salt in the batter and stir well.
Rice Flour Vadam

Cook slowly with continuous stirring. When rice batter becomes shiny, switch off the stove. Keep aside to cool.
Rice Flour Vadam

 Divide this into three portion and food colours. Keep little amount of batter in the cloth with a help of spoon.

Rice Flour Vadam

Dry in the hot sun. After a day sprinkle water on the reverse side of the cloth and peel. Put it in the plate and dry for another two days.
Rice Flour Vadam

Then store in the air tight container for about a year or two.

Rice Flour Vadam

Heat little oil in a pan and fry vadams. Serve with rice or any variety rice.

Rice Flour Vadam

If you want you can add javvarisi flour 2 tablsp. Adding Javvarisi flour gives extra crispness to the vadam.
You can grind the rice and make the vadam also.
If you want you can add red chilli powder instead of green chilli paste.
 If you want you can add asafetida also.


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