Pomegranate Tea Recipe
 How to make Pomegranate Tea – Pomegranate Tea Recipe
Pomegranate Tea is a novel recipe which is usually done by Chinese People. It is very easy to make and it is quite tasty. As Pomegranate has got numerous benefits, by taking this tea regularly one can get the benefits of Pomegranate on regular basis. Come let us see this simple yet tasty recipe.

Pomegranate Tea Recipe

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Preparation time              - 20 minutes
Yield                               - 10 cups


Medium Sized – 3 Nos.
Sugar – ½ Cup

Peel the Pomegranate and open.Cut into two halves and stroke with a thick spoon.
Pomegranate Tea Recipe

Take the edible centre portion separately. Add sugar with the pearls.Mix well.
Pomegranate Tea Recipe

Crush it with a pestle.Transfer to a glass container and store in the refrigerator.You can use this for a month or so.
Pomegranate Tea Recipe

Whenever you want Tea, take 3 tablespoon of this concentrate and add ¾ cup boiling hot water, mix well and take.
Pomegranate Tea Recipe

Pomegranate Tea Recipe

This tea will give all the goodness of Pomegranate.
You can make and store in the refrigerator when you get pomegranate  in abundance.

Pomegranate Tea Recipe

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