Guava Leaf Tea Recipe

Guava Leaf Tea / Herbal tea recipes

Guava Leaf Tea Recipe

Guava leaf tea is the best home remedy for several diseases. Guava leaf tea controls high cholesterol, diabetes, diarrhea and gas trouble. It also prevents hair loss. We can apply the guava leaf extract in the hair and wash after 15 minutes. Regular application of guava leaf extract in the scalp will prevent hair fall.
Now let us see how to make Guava Leaf Tea

Guava Leaf Tea Recipe
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Preparation time         - 5 minutes
Cooking time             - 10 minutes
Yield                         - 2 cups

Guava Leaves - 10
Lime Juice - 1/2 Teaspoon
Honey - 4 Teaspoon
Take the leaves, Soak in water and wash well.
Guava Leaf Tea Recipe

Boil 1/2 Liter water and add washed Guava Leaves. Allow it to boil.
Guava Leaf Tea Recipe

When it boils low the flame and Cover with a lid and boil for ten minutes.
After 10 minutes switch off the stove and allow it to cool.
Guava Leaf Tea Recipe

Strain it.Guava Leaf Tea is ready.If desired you can add lime juice and honey.Mix well and serve.

Guava Leaf Tea Recipe

If you want you can add sugar or palm sugar.
For flavor you can add little ginger and few mint leaves while boiling.

Guava Leaf Tea Recipe


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