Vazhakkai Fry

Vazhakkai Fry
Vazhakkai Fry / Raw Plantain Fry
Vazhakkai Fry is an easy and simple recipe, which you can make in minutes with simple ingredients. Usually kids like potato finger chips and this will be an ideal alternate for this potato finger chips. Kids will love the taste and enjoy the crispness.

Vazhakkai Fry

Vazhakkai Fry goes well with any rice recipe and the two most delicious combinations are the Sambhar Rice and Curd Rice. You can try this simple recipe and surprise your family today.
Come let us see how to make Vazhakkai Fry. Here is the quick video of Vazhakkai Fry

Preparation Time                            - 10 minutes
Cooking time                                     -  20 minutes
Serves                                                  - 4

Vazhakkai                                           - 2
Chilli powder                                    - 2 tsp
Salt                                                        - to taste
Oil                                                          - 2 tablsp

Peel vazhakkai and chop into lengthwise. Add chilli powder, salt and little water. Mix well.
Vazhakkai Fry

 Heat oil in a pan and add marinated vazhakkai and sauté. Close the pan and cook. Stir often till done.

Vazhakkai Fry

Serve with curd rice or sambar rice.

Vazhakkai Fry

If you like, you can add 1/4 tsp garam masala also.
Adding 1/4 tsp rice flour will give more crispness .

Vazhakkai Fry


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