Vendakkai Vathal

Vendakkai Vathal
Vendakkai Vathal / Dried Ladies Finger Recipe
Recently when my brother went to Siruvapuri he brought lot of ladies finger. I did many ladies finger recipes and then left about half the quantity. As I got bored, then about a weeks time all became hard and lost their tenderness then I decided to make this chettinad recipe which can be easily made and stored for about a year.

Vendakkai Vathal

As the summer is harsh you can make vendakkai vathal and use it all year round. Vendakkai vathal can be used as the side dish for rice. If you get good organic ladies finger and make this it will taste more good and you will love it. It is easy to make. Come let us see how to make vendakkai vathal.
Preparation time                             - 10 minutes
Drying time                                     - 6 to 7  days
Yield                                                 - 200 gms
Ladies Finger(Vendakkai)            - 1 kg
Curd                                             - 1 ½ cup
Salt                                               - ¾ tsp
Clean and cut both edges of the vendakkai. Cut in to ½ inch pieces. Dry in the hot sun for days.
Vendakkai Vathal

 Add curd and salt in a bowl and mix it well. 
Vendakkai Vathal

Add sun dried ladies finger and soak for 6 hours. Take the vendakkai from the curd and dry in sun. 
Vendakkai Vathal

Evening you put the vathal in remaining curd and soak. Repeat the process till the curd absorbed by vendakkai. Dry well in the sun and store it in a clean glass bottle.

Vendakkai Vathal

Heat little oil in a pan and add the vathal and fry in the medium flame. Serve along with rice.
Vendakkai Vathal

I served vendakkai vathal with curd rice, vadu mango pickle and potato roast.

Hard vendakkai is good for vathal.
Adjust curd and salt according to your taste.
Dry well.
Vendakkai Vathal


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