Thinai Laddu
Thinai (Foxtail Millet) Laddu
Nowadays millets are entering our diet. Millets are power packed grains. Their health benefits are countless. For a change this gokulashtami you can make thinai laddu and varagu murukku. Thinai and jaggery are good for growing children. Thinai laddu is easy to make and is good to eat.

Thinai Laddu

Now let us see how to make thinai laddu

Preparation time  - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 10 minutes
Yield         - 21 laddus

Thinai -1cup
Jaggery -1cup(powdered)
Ghee     -1/4cup
cashew -10
Dry grapes  -10
cardamom powder -1/4tsp
Dry roast thinai and keep aside for cooling. Grind it in mixer finely.
Thinai Laddu

Fry cashew and grapes in ghee. Add thinai powder, jaggery, cashew, grapes and cardamom powder in a bowl and mix it well.
Thinai Laddu

Melt the Ghee.
Thinai Laddu

 Add Ghee little by little and make laddus.
You can sieve the flour after grinding and make the laddu also.
You can powder the jaggery in the mixer also.

Thinai Laddu

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