Khoya Modak / Kova Modak

Khoya Modak / Kova Modak 
Khoya Modak
This year vinayagar chaturthi I decided to make different types of modak. So I googled and got two easy and simple modak recipe. One is khoya modak and the other one is khajur modak or dry fruits and nuts modak.
Khoya Modak / Kova Modak

For these two recipes all the ingredients are easily available in our pantry. So we can make easily. It will be good for more than two days also. So we can make one day before chaturthi and store it in the fridge.
Khoya Modak / Kova Modak

Let us see how to make Khoya Modak

Cooking time                  - 1 hour
Preparation time             - 10 minutes
Yield                             - 11 modak

Milk                               - 1 litre
Sugar                             - ¾ cup
Cardamom powder         - ¼ tsp
Saffron                          - few

Boil milk in a heavy bottomed vessel. When it comes to boil you low the flame.   Stir often to avoid overflow.
Khoya Modak / Kova Modak

Boil till it reaches thick consistency. Then add sugar and cook till it melts. Keep on stirring till it becomes a thick mass.
Khoya Modak / Kova Modak

You transfer this kova in to a bowl. Knead well and make a smooth dough. Add cardamom and saffron and knead.
Khoya Modak / Kova Modak

Grease modak mould and palm with little ghee. Close the mould and insert kova tightly with fingers.
Khoya Modak / Kova Modak

Open the mould and take the modak out.

Khoya Modak / Kova Modak

Use nonstick pan to avoid sticking milk at the bottom.
It will take one hour so you can use induction stove or rice cooker.
If you make more kova you can use rice cooker.
You can get 200 gms kova in one litre milk.
If you use store bought sweet less kova, You can add ¼ cup powdered sugar for ½ cup kova and mix it well in the gas stove. Then follow this method.

Khoya Modak / Kova Modak


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