Aamras / Aamras with Poori

Aamras / Aamras with Poori
When we were in Madurai we used to go to a gujarati restaurant. They served aamras in their thali during mango season.  They serve diluted aamras but the taste still lingers in my tongue. In this mango season aamras, mango sago pudding and mango kulfi are in my to do list. I made all the recipes. But I am a  little bit lazy to post.

There are different types of aamras. Gujarati’s add dry ginger powder and top with a teaspoon of ghee, Maharashtrians add cardamom powder and Rajasdhani’s  adds saffron while grinding. I added saffron and cardamom powder in my aamras recipe.

Aamras / Aamras with Poori

Let us see how to make aamras
Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - no
Serves - 2
Aamras Ingredients:
Mango big -1
Sugar - 3 tsp
Cardamom - pinch
Saffron - pinch
Aamras Method:
Peel the mango and chop it into cubes. Add mango and sugar in the mixer and blend well.
Aamras / Aamras with Poori

Add cardamom and saffron. Serve as a dessert or with poori.
Aamras / Aamras with Poori

I served with poori and potato masal.

Aamras / Aamras with Poori

I used mallika mango, it is good in taste and colour also.
You can add sugar according to the taste of your mango.
Served as a dessert also.

Aamras / Aamras with Poori


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