Elaneer Payasam

Elaneer Payasam
Elaneer Payasam / Tender Coconut Kheer 
Tender Coconut which is known as elaneer in Tamil has very huge health benefits, which no other food can match. It is a very useful food especially when you have stomach ulcers or mouth ulcers.

Though elaneer is very common in Tamil Nadu and it can be taken straight away, recently I happened to attend a marriage in Chettinad and there I saw elaneer payasam which is quiet new and amazingly tasty. I drank two cups. I asked the chef for the recipe. He used milk for this recipe. I gave a twist .  I used coconut milk for extra richness. It is a real summer cooler too.
Elaneer Payasam

You can also try this new recipe and you can surprise your family members too.
Come let us make elaneer Payasam.

Elaneer Payasam Ingredients:
Tender coconut Water - 1cup
Tender coconut flesh (vazhukkai) - 1 cup
Coconut milk - 1 cup
Condensed milk - 4 tblsp
Vanilla essence - few drops
Elaneer Payasam Method:
First take the ingredients. Open the tender coconut and take flesh and water.
Elaneer Payasam
Add tender coconut flesh, condensed milk and little coconut milk in a blender and blend well.
Elaneer Payasam

 Add remaining coconut milk and tender coconut water and blend well.
Elaneer Payasam

Add vanilla essence few drops and serve chilled.
Elaneer Payasam

This sweet is enough for me. If you want you can add sugar also.
Add milk instead of coconut milk .
No need to add fried cashews. If you want you can add .
The plain tender coconut gives it a good flavor.  If you want you can add vanilla essence.

Elaneer Payasam


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