Orange and Strawberry Smoothie
Orange and Strawberry Cream Smoothie
I have one imported book on smoothies and juices. I planed to try all recipes in that book. But some fruits required are not available here. So I changed to the available ingredients and named  accordingly and made it.
The colour of the Orange and Strawberry Cream smoothie and the picture is awesome in that book. Strawberry and orange are available always  in the fruit shops. So I decided to make this recipe.
Orange and Strawberry Smoothie

Now let us see the recipe
Orange and Strawberry Cream Smoothie Ingredients:
Orange - 1
Strawberry - 100 gms
Banana - 1
Fresh yogurt - 1 cup
Sugar - 5 tsp
Vanilla Essence - few drops (optional)
Orange and Strawberry Cream Smoothie Method:
Cut strawberry and banana into small pieces. Peel orange and discard the seed.  Add strawberry, banana, orange and sugar in a blender and blend well.
Orange and Strawberry Smoothie

Then add fresh yogurt and process until smooth.
Orange and Strawberry Smoothie

Pour the mixture into glasses and garnish with slices of orange and fresh strawberries on cocktail sticks.
Orange and Strawberry Smoothie

If you want your smoothie rich you can add two scoops vanilla ice cream instead of yogurt.
Adjust sugar according to your taste.
I added banana for creamy texture.
Orange and Strawberry Smoothie

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