Adhirasam Chettinad
In olden days all made adhirasam for Deepavali and other festivals. But now a days no one can make adhirasam. In my childhood my grandma used to give this dough for every Visit. She used to prepare with the help of maids and give us. She used to tell the good dough will be good for one month. I did not like adhirasam at that time but now I like it very much. My mom makes adhirasam well. I asked my mom to make this for me. I made this to post for diwali. I prepared all the things needed for adhirasam. She taught the preparation of dough and frying. It is very easy to make in non stick pan.

Let us see how to make Adhirasam
Here is the quick video

Adhirasam Ingredients:
Raw rice - 400 gms
Jaggery - 400 gms
Water - 1 ½ cup
Ghee - ¼ cup
Oil - for deep fry
Adhirasam Method:
Rinse the rice 2 to 3 times. Soak it for about one hour. Drain the water completely and spread it in a cloth for about 10 minutes. Then grind it in the mixie. Sieve the flour. Put the residue (sieved rice) in the next batch and grind. Do all the rice like the same.

 Put jaggery and water in a pan and boil till the jaggery melts. Strain the jaggery syrup and again boil till one string consistency (if you put one drop in water, it will not mix with water immediately).

 In this stage sprinkle the rice flour little by little and stir continuously with a ladle. Add ghee little by little and stir. At one stage, if you roll the flour with greased hand it will not stick on the hand.

That is the time to switch off the stove. Keep the dough in the box like container and spread ghee over it. Keep aside for cooling. Close the container when the dough completely cool down and keep it for overnight. Next day make the dough in to small balls. Grease the plastic sheet or banana leaf with little oil and flatten the ball with fingers ( grease the hand with little oil or ghee).

Heat oil in a frying pan and put adhirasam one at a time and fry both the sides well.

Press adhirasam in between the two ladles to remove the excess oil.


You will get 30 medium size adhirasam for this quantity of ingredients.
Dry the rice in the shade only.
If you make large quantity, you can grind it in the rice mill also.
Use non stick pan for better result.
Use maavu pacharisi.
The flour should be wet, then only the adhirasam will be soft.
Don't dry the flour. For best result use fresh and damp flour.
Check adirasam maavu by greasing your fingers and take little maavu and make murukku to confirm right  consistency.
Fry one side for 5 minutes and turn the otherside. Fry other side for few seconds.
First heat the oil then low the the flame and fry. Don't fry in the high flame.


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