Strawberry Ripple Pudding
Strawberry Ripple Pudding
Now it is strawberry season. This season I decided to made strawberry ripple pudding and strawberry cheese cake. For strawberry ripple pudding I got 2 nd prize in one competition held in Chennai on 2013. Judges was Venkatesh bhat and Mallika Badrinath. So I am happy to share this recipe with you.
Strawberry Ripple Pudding
Let us see how to make this recipe
Strawberry Ripple Pudding Ingredients:
1 Cup - 250 ml


For Custard Layer:
Custard powder - 2 tblsp
Milk        - 2 cup
Sugar - ½ cup
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp

For Cream Layer:
Fresh cream - 1 cup
Powdered sugar - 2 tblsp

For Strawberry Jelly:
Strawberry jelly - 1 packet
Water - 500 ml

For Strawberry Syrup:
Strawberry - 10 + 2(garnishing)
Sugar - 2 tblsp

Marie biscuit - 10
Strawberry Ripple Pudding Method:
Grind 5 strawberries along with 2 tblsp of sugar. Boil till it reaches syrup consistency.
Strawberry Ripple Pudding

Mix custard powder with little milk without lumps. Boil milk with sugar. When sugar dissolves add custard mixture and stir continuously till done. Add vanilla essence and allow to cool.
Boil 500 ml water. Mix jelly powder in a bowl and add boiling water and pour it in a tray. Allow it to set and keep in the fridge.
Strawberry Ripple Pudding

Whip cream with powdered sugar till stiff.
In a transparent bowl spread half the custard and half the jelly on it.
Strawberry Ripple Pudding

Dilute strawberry syrup with little hot water. Dip each biscuits in the strawberry syrup and spread over the jelly. Cut strawberry in to small pieces. Cover biscuit with strawberry pieces.
Strawberry Ripple Pudding

 Then cover with remaining jelly and top it with remaining custard.
Strawberry Ripple Pudding

Spread whipped cream on top and decorate with strawberry pieces.

Strawberry Ripple Pudding

 Keep it in the fridge till serving.

Strawberry Ripple Pudding

Adjust sugar level according to your taste.
This pudding will  be good for two days in refrigerator.

Strawberry Ripple Pudding

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