Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube

Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube
Elantha Vadai
Elandha Pazham is botanically known as Ziziphus jujube. It is commonly called as jujube in English. It is also called as Chinese date or Korean date. It is mostly seen in Southern Asia, i.e. Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Jujube fruit is called இலந்த பழம் in Tamil. The candy of the dried fruits is eaten as snack along with coffee in China and Korea.

The dried fruits are often used in desserts in China and Vietnam.  In Tamil Nadu, fresh whole ripe fruits are crushed with tamarind, red chilies, salt, and jaggery and sun dried and called as elanthai vadai in Tamil and Regi Vadiyalu in Telugu.
The fruit and seeds are used in Chinese and Korean medicine to alleviate stress. It is also known for its antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antispastic actions. It is also found to be helpful in chronic constipation.
Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube

In my child hood I used to eat Kadappa elantha pazham. It used to be very tasty on those days. At that time there was lot of elantha palam available. Now a days it is becoming very rare.
Whenever I go to ambika departmental store I used to buy elantha vadai. Last year my mom gave me elantha palam from my native village.
I made this elantha vadai last year but the season ends when it is dry. So I have post this season. Let us see the recipe.
Elantha Vadai Ingredients:
Elantha palam - ¼ kg
Red chilli         - 4
Asafoetida - ½ tsp
Jaggery - 3 tsp
Salt         - 1 tsp
Elantha Vadai Method:
Wash and dry elantha palam in the kitchen towel. Add all the ingredients in a bowl.
Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube

Mash it with a hand. Then grind slightly in the mixie to remove the seed.
Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube

 Remove all the seeds in the mixture. Again grind this mixture in the mixie.
Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube

Grease the hand with little oil and make small vadai. Put all the vadais in the oil greased plastic sheet.
Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube

 Sun dry for two to three days and use it for two to three months.

Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube

Elantha palams are sour in taste so I did not add tamarind. If you like you can add.
Add red chilli and jaggery according to sourness of the elantha palam.
Some people pound elantha palam in the ural and make vadai.
I used chilli flakes.

Elantha Vadai / Indian Jujube

 After two months it will  looks like this.

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