Deepavali Recipes

Deepavali Recipes
Deepavali the "festival of lights", is an important Hindu festival celebrated in the Tamil Month Aippasi in Tamil Nadu. It is also known as Diwali in Northern India.
The festival denotes the victory of lights and depletion of darkness and the good against evil. In the English calendar, Deepavali falls between the second half of October and the first half of November every year.
On Deepavali day, Hindus wear new clothes, light lamps and  perform pooja to Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth. After prayers, people light fireworks and then a family feast including many sweets follows. Deepavali time marks a major shopping period. The Deepavali season is a period of making sweets and savories. Usually the women try out new recipes and exchange among friends abd relatives.

Deepavali Recipes - Here I give below an array of Recipes suitable for the Deepavali.

Dry Fruit And Nut ladoo

Dry Fruit And Nut ladoo is a sweet recipe as well as a health recipe. It contains just natural ingredients as sweetening agent ( Dates).


In chettinad Thirattipal is made for pillayar nonbu. They make pillayar in thirattipal and insert wick (ilai-which is made out of 21 thread taken from a new towel) and then light the thiri. Elderely person in the house

Kasi Halwa

Kasi Halwa is a sweet made out of Poosanikai (Ash gourd or White Pumpkin). It is easy to make and nice to taste. As it is made of ash gourd it is nutritious and especially for those who do not like vegetables, this helps them take vegetables.


Rasgulla is a Bengali sweet made with Indian cottage cheese. Rasgulla is a paneer dumplings cooked in sugar syrup. It is easy to make and it contains just three ingredients. If the paneer is ready, we can make it in 20 minutes.

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