Thengai Paal Kanji

Thengai Paal Kanji

Mouth Ulcers are very common during monsoon season in South India. Mouth Ulcers are Vaay pun in Tamil and they are either Aphthous stomatitis or Aphthous ulcers in English.
Mouth Ulcers are small round ulcers found in the mouth or tongue. There are three sizes namely the small the large and the group ones.

Mouth ulcers are caused due to stomach problems or stomach ulcers commonly.
Thengaipaal kanji is a nice herbal recipe suitable for such Mouth ulcers and stomach ulcers. The main ingredient in the Thengai paal kanji are Fenugreek or vendhayam and Thengai paal or Coconut milk. Both reduce the body heat, cool down the body and heal the ulcers. If you take the Thengai Paal Kanji in the morning in empty stomach it will produce very good results and will heal the ulcer in two or three days.

Try this nice herbal recipe and heal the ulcers.
Thengai Paal Kanji

Thengai Paal Kanji ingredients

Raw Rice 1 Cup
Fenugreek 2 Teaspoons
Garlic cloves 10
Grated Coconut ½ Cup
Sugar or Salt to Taste

Thengai Paal Kanji Method

Wash the rice well and cook it along with the fenugreek and garlic in a pressure cooker, till completely done.

Thengai Paal Kanji

 If necessary you can use a Spoon and mash the rice and fenugreek well.
Thengai Paal Kanji

Extract coconut milk from the coconut and strain.

Thengai Paal Kanji

Mix with the cooked rice and fenugreek and mix well.

Thengai Paal Kanji

You can add Sugar or Salt according to your taste.

Thengai Paal Kanji

When you add salt you can have it along with Thengai Thuvaiyal.
Thengai Paal Kanji

I like the sweet version.

Thengai Paal Kanji


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