Chettinad Mullu Murukku

Mullu Murukku Chettinad
Mullu Murukku

Mullu murukku is a common savory made in many homes and also sold in many shops. Though the hand made is only called as murukku.  This particular die made recipe is also called as murukku. As it is more serrated it resembles thorns and it should be taken carefully hence the name Mullu Murukku.
This can be made easily with simple rice flour and the famous one is called “Manapparai Murukku” which has originated from the town Manapparai of Trichy district. There it is claimed to be made out of coconut milk.

Mullu Murukku

Here I am sharing regular mullu murukku recipe which is easy to make and can be stored for about a month.
Mullu Murukku Ingredients:
Raw rice - 4 cup
Urad dal - ¾ cup
Green gramdal - ¾ cup
Salt - to taste
Oil - for frying
Mullu Murukku Method:
Dry roast urad dal and green gram dal. Clean the raw rice. Mix rice and dal and grind it in a rice mill. Sieve the flour and store it in an air tight container. Add required amount of flour, salt and water. Mix well and make a smooth pliable dough.
Mullu Murukku

 Take small amount of dough and put inside the murukku maker with mullu murukku achu. Heat oil in a frying pan.
Mullu Murukku
Press directly in to the hot oil or make murukku in the paper and put it in oil with a help of flat ladle.
Mullu Murukku

 Fry both the sides well till the shhh sound subsides.
Mullu Murukku

First  fry in the high flame, after five minutes  turn in to medium.
Add water little by little while kneading the flour.
If you want you can add jeera or sesame (ellu) seeds.

Mullu Murukku


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