Ragi Koozh

Ragi Koozh

Koozh is a common recipe made and sold in Tamil Nadu by small vendors. It is usually made of Millets. Koozh is normally prepared in Tamil Families and taken for breakfast or Lunch.

In Tamil Nadu the Tamil month Aadi is celebrated with pomp and glory. This month Aadi falls between July and August and it is a sacred month for Amman Goddesses. Many people in Tamil Nadu and Tamil culture offer Koozh to Goddess and make it as a great celebration. Aadi koozh is also prepared with millets but rice is also included in the recipe. In Chennai it is very famous and people celebrate this with much importance. It is usually offered to Goddess on the second or third Sunday of the Aadi month. Usually it is prepared with Ragi and raw rice. Along with this koozh Murungai Leaf stir fry and dried fish with Mochai puli kulambu is offered to Goddess and shared among neighbours.
Ragi Koozh

It is very common in Chennai but I have never made this and this is the first time I made this and this time it came out very well. In Chennai it is made for three days and usually they soak the ragi flour on Friday night, make the koozh on Saturday and offer to Goddess on Sunday.

I decided to do this recipe this year and I enquired my servant maid and she only told me the intricacies of this recipe. Though this is the first time, I am making this recipe, it turned out very well and it tasted so well. As I am vegetarian I avoided dried fish part and I just made Mochai kulambu and Murungakeerai stir fry.
You can also try this and share your comments.
Ragi Koozh

Ragi Koozh (Keppai Kool) Ingredients:
Ragi flour - 1 cup
Raw rice - ¼ cup
Butter milk - 2 cups
Water - 5 cups
Salt - to taste
Shallots - 10

Ragi Koozh (Keppai Kool) Method:
Mix ragi flour in one cup of water without lumps and keep it over night for fermentation.
Ragi Koozh

Grind raw rice coarsely in a mixie. Next day morning cook raw rice with two cups of water.
Ragi Koozh

When the rice is cooked well add fermented ragi flour and the remaining two cups of water and keep on stirring  till done.
Ragi Koozh

 Peel shallots and cut lengthwise. Whisk the buttermilk.
Ragi Koozh

After cooling add buttermilk, salt and shallots and mix well. Garnish with chopped shallots and serve with murungakeerai poriyal and mochai kulambu.

Ragi Koozh

You can add water and butter milk according to your taste.
You can prepare the kulambu in dry mochai also. In that case you can soak the mochai overnight and pressure cook for two to three whistle.
If you don’t want to ferment the ragi flour, you can mix it in the water and add directly.
You can add brinjal and potato also in mochai kulambu.

Ragi Koozh


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