Karpooravalli Tea

Recently, when we were talking about karpooravalli chutney I was telling you that I will give the recipe of karpooravalli tea, is it not, here it is!
Karpooravalli is also known as oma chedi in Tamil. Its botanical name is coleus aromaticus. It is commonly known as Indian borage or Aromatic borage. There are two cultivars the regular one and the variegated one with white border. Karpooravalli is very easy to grow. As it is a succulent you can easily grow and you need not water it regularly. If you water regularly it will grow well and produce more foliage.
Karpooravalli is a medicinal herb which is common in India and Sri Lanka. It is used in most traditional medicine formulation for cough and indigestion. As the monsoon has set in, there are all changes that sore throat, cough or cold is around. You can try this easy recipe and keep away those ailments.

Karpooravalli Tea

Now, Here goes the karpooravalli tea

Karpooravalli Tea Ingredients:
Tea Powder               - 1 tsp
Water                      - 1 cup
Karpooravalli          - 4 leaf
Honey                     - 2 tsp

Karpooravalli Tea Method:
 Heat one cup of water in a pan. When the water begins to boil, add tea powder. 
Karpooravalli Tea

Wash and chop karpooravalli. Add chopped karpooravalli. Close the pan with a lid.
Karpooravalli Tea

 After five minutes open the pan and strain the tea. Add two teaspoon honey and mix it well. 
Karpooravalli Tea

Serve hot or cold.

Karpooravalli Tea

If you want you can add milk.
You can add one teaspoon lime juice also.
Instead of honey you can add sugar also.

Karpooravalli Tea

கற்பூரவல்லி டீ - Karpooravalli Tea


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