HomeMade Rice Flour

Home Made Rice Flour
Festival season is going to begin. So we can make rice flour in the free time and store it in the air tight container. Whenever we need rice flour we can use it. It can be used for six months or more. Now let us see how to make.

HomeMade Rice Flour Ingredients:

Raw rice            - 1/2 kg

HomeMade Rice Flour Method:
Soak the raw rice for half an hour. Drain the water.Spread in a clean cotton cloth and dry in the shade for about one hour. 
Home Made Rice Flour

Grind it in the mixie in  batches and sieve it. Add the remaining granules in the second batch and grind. In the same method grind all the rice and sieve it.
Home Made Rice Flour

Then dry in the shade. After drying you can roast in the pan. 
Home Made Rice Flour

You can stir continuously while dry roasting  the flour or else the flour will be burnt. 
Home Made Rice Flour

After cooling again sieve it. You can store it in the air tight container for about 4 to 6 months. 

Home Made Rice Flour

If you want more flour you can use one kg rice.
If you want more than one kg you can grind it in the milling machine.

Home Made Rice Flour


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