HomeMade Ghee

Home Made Ghee

I always use aavin butter to make ghee. It has good flavor and nice colour.

Home Made Ghee

HomeMade Ghee Ingredients:
Butter - ½ kg
Curry leaf         - 1 sprig
HomeMade Ghee Method:
Wash the butter in the water. Place butter in a heavy bottomed vessel (to avoid burning) and keep in the Gas stove. Cook butter in the medium flame only.
Home Made Ghee

When the butter melts completely it will look like yellow creamy liquid. Keep on stirring or else it will come out of the vessel. Creamy yellow turns in to yellow and the sound will subside.
Home Made Ghee

 After a few minutes yellow will turn into light brown colour (like honey). In this stage switch off the stove or else it will become dark brown coloured.
Home Made Ghee

Strain the residues and pour in the container and use.

Home Made Ghee

Ghee while making.

Home Made Ghee

Ghee after few hours.

While making ghee the burner should be in the medium flame only.
You can add curry leaves after the lemon yellow colour.
I didn’t have curry leaf while making ghee.
You can add drumstick leaves also.

Home Made Ghee


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