Mango Juice

Mango season is going to end in two weeks. So you can make mango juice and enjoy the taste. Most of the children will love. I used Alphonso mangoes to get a good yellow colour. Taste will be similar to that of Slice. You can use whatever mangoes you like.
Mango Juice

Mango Juice Ingredients:
Mango - 1 (alphonso)
Lime - ½
Sugar - 2 tblsp
Water - ½ cup
Mango Juice Method:
Peel and cut the mango. Add mango and sugar in the mixie and blend well.
Mango Juice

 Then add lime juice and water and run for a few seconds.
Mango Juice

 Add ice cubes and serve chill.

Mango Juice

Add sugar according to your taste.
Mango pulp is too thick, so add required amount of water to dilute the juice.
Mango Juice

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