Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam

Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam
Three weeks before we went to the petrol bunk to fill petrol. I saw one vadham tree in that bunk. Suddenly elai vadam recipe came to my mind. So I requested the worker in that bunk to get me some leaves. He plucked one branch and gave it to me. The next day I tried elai vadam in both vadham and vazha elai. Vadam is very easy and came out very well.

Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam

Let us see the recipe

Elai Vadam Ingredients:
Raw rice - 1 cup
Cumin (jeera) - ¾ tsp
Salt - ½ tsp
Vadham elai - 4- 6

Elai Vadam Method:
Soak raw rice for about 2 hours. Grind it in the mixie or grinder finely with salt.  Add cumin seeds and mix it well.
Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam

The batter is little watery than the dosa batter.
Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam

Spread the batter in the vadham elai or vazha elai (plantain leaf).

Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam

 Steam cook in the idli pan. It will get cooked in a few seconds.
Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam
Peel the vadam from the leaf and dry it in the white cloth under the fan.
Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam

Next day dry it in the sun light for 3 hours and store it in the air tight container.
Heat oil in a frying pan. Put little bit of vadam in to the oil, it will pop up then the oil reaches the frying stage. Fry the vadam and serve it with rice or variety rice. I served with beet root poriyal and murungakkai sambar.

Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam

Batter consistency is very important for this vadam.
If the batter is thick, the vadam will be hard. So make the batter to right consistency.
I make this vadam in the idiyappam plate. So the plate’s round mark is in every vadam.
Now vadam stand is available in the market.
You can ferment the batter over night and make the vadam in the morning also.
You can break the vadam in to small pieces and fry it in the little oil also.
Sun light is not necessary for this vadam.

Elai Vadam / Rice Appalam


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  1. This is my favorite. I would love to make this at home! Will come and let you know how it turned out.Thanks for sharing this recipe..