Watermelon and muskmelon are best thirst quenchers. Both combined together, give a good result to our health. Both have potassium. So they can reduce the problem of kidney stones. Both are good anti oxidants and contains betacarotene. Regular intake of both can prevent skin diseases, heart problems and cancer.
Watermelon Muskmelon Juice Ingredients:
Watermelon - 1 cup
Muskmelon - 1 cup
Sugar - 4 tsp
Lime - ½
Ice cubes - 5

Watermelon Muskmelon Juice Method:
Peel watermelon and muskmelon and cut into cubes. Deseed watermelon.

 Add both melons, sugar and lime juice in the mixie and blend well.

Add ice cubes and serve chill.

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