Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice

Water melon comes first, and the summer comes next. Watermelon is good for summer. It contains more water content and quenches thirst.  It is a refreshing and best thirst quenching fruit. Watermelon naturally contains lycopene, which helps to reduce the risks of cancer. It can cure many skin problems. Watermelon juice is the good remedy for kidney stone. It boosts energy also. So drink or eat watermelon regularly and get the benefits of it. Let us see the recipe
Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice Ingredients:
Watermelon - 2 cups
Sugar - 4 tsp
Lemon - ½
Rose syrup - ½ tblsp

Watermelon Juice Method: 
Cut watermelon into small cubes. Add watermelon and sugar in the blender and blend it well. (My mixie will strain the juice but there is few seeds in the juice. So I strain it).
Watermelon Juice

Strain and remove the seed. Add lemon juice and rose syrup and mix it well.
Watermelon Juice

Serve chill with ice cubes.

Watermelon Juice

Adding rose syrup will enhance the taste and flavor.
Adjust sugar according to your taste.
Lemon will give light tangy taste to the juice.

Watermelon Juice


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