Chettinad Maa Vathal

Maa Vathal

Maa Vathal 
Mango is available only in summer season. In chettinad we make dried raw mango and store it for a year or two. This is called maavathal and it will serve as a vegetable which can be used year round.
The recipe made out of this maavathal are
Vathal Mandi
Vegetable mandi
Maavathal kulambu
Maavathal rasam
It is very easy to make and it can be stored in glass bottles. You can try any recipe of your choice using this maavathal. This can serve as just raw mangoes.
Chettinad Maa Vathal

Now let us see the maavathal recipe.

Maa Vathal Ingredients:
Raw Mango - 5
Rock Salt      - ¾ cup

Maa Vathal Method:
Wash and wipe the raw mango with clean cloth. Cut the mango lengthwise. If you want you can use the seed (kottai) also.
Maa Vathal

 Add rock salt and mangoes in a broad bowl and mix it well.
Maa Vathal

Soak overnight. Next morning spread plastic sheet in a plate or muram and spread the mangoes in it. Dry it in the direct sun.
Maa Vathal

 In the evening put the mangoes in the remaining salt water and soak. Repeat the process till the salt water is sucked by the raw mangoes. You can dry the mangoes in the direct sunlight for at least five days.
Maa Vathal

Add ½ cup buttermilk while soaking the mangoes.
Half riped mangoes are good for maavathal.
Store it in the glass or ceramic containers and keep it in the storeroom for one year (next mango season). No need to keep it in the fridge.
If you store it in the ever silver containers, it will spoil the container because of its tanginess.

Maa Vathal


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