Flax Seed Idli Podi / Chutney Powder

Flax Seed Idli Podi / Chutney Powder

Flax seed is known as Aali vethai in Tamil. Flaxseeds are one item which is being sold in almost all organic shops and departmental stores. As the total population, especially of Chennai, are becoming obese day by day. People are more interested to shed off their overweight and become trimmer and slimmer.
Flaxseed is one which not only reduces excess fat but also reduces the cholesterol level. Flaxseed is known to bring down the high cholesterol level and clear the arteries of excess fat deposition. Many doctors prescribe flaxseed as capsules and the cost of such capsules are around Rs 300 – Rs 400 per 60 capsules. Where as you will get half a kilo of flaxseed for just Rs 120.

Flax Seed Idli Podi / Chutney Powder

You can buy 250 gms of flaxseed and make this flaxseed podi which will be loved by all your family members and each one of them can get the benefit of flaxseed on daily basis.
Try this flaxseed podi and you will never miss it. There will be always a flaxseed podi on your dining table. The taste will be so good and crunchy that no one will know that it is made up of flaxseed.
We will see how to make Flaxseed podi

Flax Seed Idli Podi Ingredients:

Flax seed - 1/2  cup
urad dal - 1/2  cup
Red chilli - 15
Asafoetid - 1 teaspoon
Curry leaves- 1/4 cup
Salt - To taste
Gingelly oil- 1 teaspoon

Flax Seed Idli Podi Method:
Dry roast flax seed in a frying pan. Dry roast urad dal till golden brown.
Flax Seed Idli Podi / Chutney Powder

Dry roast the curry leaves and salt till its moisture evaporates.  Add little oil and roast asafoetida. In the remaining oil add red chilli and stir for few seconds.
Flax Seed Idli Podi / Chutney Powder

Then mix all together and grind it in the mixie coarsely.
Flax Seed Idli Podi / Chutney Powder

Serve with idli or dosa.

Flax Seed Idli Podi / Chutney Powder

Add tuvar dal and Bengal gram also.
This is the simple and very tasty recipe.
Adjust the ingredients according to your taste.

Flax Seed Idli Podi / Chutney Powder


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