Papaya Juice

Papaya Juice
Papaya is a good coloured fruit. It is a very good anti oxidant. It is good for eyes and skin. It also tastes good when it is chill. But most of the kids don’t like it. So I decided to make a papaya juice. It is very easy to prepare. Most of the children will like the juice. But this juice requires good and juicy papayas. So the key for a good papaya juice is to select the good fruit.

Papaya Juice Ingredients:
Papaya - 1 cup
Papaya Juice
Lemon - ½
Sugar - to taste
Water - 2 cup

Papaya Juice Method:
Peel the skin of papaya fruit  and remove the seeds. Chop papaya in to small cubes.
Papaya Juice

Add papaya, sugar, lemon juice and Cold water in a mixie and blend well. Serve chill with lemon wedges.

Papaya Juice

If you want you can sieve the juice and serve.

Papaya Juice


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