Nellikkai Halwa / jam (Gooseberry / Amla Halwa)
When summer approaches it is time for exams and the ensuing vacation. Likewise many new arrivals also come as ingredients into kitchen. The ingredients which come during or on the beginning of summer are Baby Mango or Maavadu, Neem flowers, Nellikai (Amla), etc.
Recently  When my mother went to our native place. she brought huge quantity of Nellikai from our native house at  Chettinad in Sivagangai district. There we have huge Nelli Maram which is about 10 years old. This year it has produced numerous fruits and almost all are in good ripe fruit stage. My mother brought them to me at Chennai.
Though Amla is considered nutritious many find it difficult to consume them especially when it is unripe. It is very sour and no one can take more than one or two. Today we will see some easy, useful and tasty recipes out of this Nellikai.
Already we have seen Maavadu Pickles and soon we will see some more recipes in Neem flower too –Veppam Poo.
Coming to Nellikai we will see five recipes which are suitable for the ensuing summer.
1. Nellikai Syrup – Amla Juice
2. Nellikai Halwa
3. Nellikai Thokku
4. Nellikkai Thogayal
5. Nellikkai Pachadi                                                                                                                                            
All these five are easy to make nice to taste and highly nutritious. You can make these compulsory to your family members so that the summer will not bother much and you can leave the choice to them to choose from the above five according to their taste buds.
Nellikkai Halwa / Jam Ingredients:
Nellikkai          - 20
Nellikkai Halwa / jam (Gooseberry / Amla Halwa)
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 2 tblsp
Badam - 8

Nellikkai Halwa / Jam Method:
Steam  cook Nellikkai in the idli pan. Remove the seed.
Nellikkai Halwa / jam (Gooseberry / Amla Halwa)

 Grind it in the mixie finely.
Nellikkai Halwa / jam (Gooseberry / Amla Halwa)

Heat ghee in a frying pan and add ground nellikkai and sauté. Add sugar and stir well.
Nellikkai Halwa / jam (Gooseberry / Amla Halwa)

When nellikkai reaches the halwa stage switch off the stove.
Nellikkai Halwa / jam (Gooseberry / Amla Halwa)

  Heat little ghee in a frying pan and add badam and fry.
Nellikkai Halwa / jam (Gooseberry / Amla Halwa)

Add badam to the halwa and serve.
You can add ¼ tsp cardamom powder also.
You can add whatever nuts you like.
If you want to  make jam You can add nellikkai and sugar only.

Nellikkai Halwa / jam (Gooseberry / Amla Halwa)

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