Apple Milkshake

Apple Milkshake
Apple is one fruit which is well known for its nutritional value. The nutritional value of apple is so very good that it will increase the immunity of the body. That is why it is considered highly useful and the popular saying says “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away”.
Apple is good for the young and the old a like. But the cost of the apple is huge that ordinary people cannot afford. Considering its usefulness and nutritional value one and all should spend for apples.
Apple Milkshake is a nice and easy recipe which can be made out of apples. It tastes very good that children would love to take.

Apple Milkshake

Apple Milkshake Ingredients:
Apple                    - 1
Milk                       - ¾  cup
Lime Juice           - 2 tsp
Honey                   - 3 tsp
Sugar                     - 4 tsp
Badam                  - 4

Apple Milkshake Method:
Peel and chop apple. Soak badam for a few minutes and peel the skin. 
Apple Milkshake

Add badam, apple, sugar, honey and little milk in the blender and blend well. 
Apple Milkshake

Then add the remaining milk and blend for a few seconds. Serve chill with a dash of honey.
Lime juice helps in preventing discolouration.

Apple Milkshake



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