Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle
South India is famous for its pickles and especially the Andhra Pradesh state is very famous for its pickles.

There are numerous pickles made in South India with lot of variations and the most commonly prepared Pickle is the Mango Pickle. Again there are numerous Mango pickles prepared and the varieties are Cut mango Pickle, Aavakkai Mango Pickle, Mango Thokku, Vadu Mangai, etc.,
The Mangoes are abundantly available in Mid Summer and this is the season to make them all and store and use all year round. Mango Pickles are as simple as just cut add red chilli powder and salt and use for a day or two. This is the most simplest one and it is often made in Restaurants and served. The most complicated one is the Aavakkai Mango Pickle which is made with lots of care and love; only then it will come up to the mark.

Aavakkai Mango Pickle or Cut Mango Pickle is a delicacy of Andhra Pradesh and without which the Telugu culture would not be complete.

Avakkai, though prepared in Andhra Pradesh, it is often prepared by most South Indian House wives. Though there are numerous variations of Aavakkai Mango Pickles like, Allam Aavakkai Mango Pickle, Bellam Aavakkai Mango Pickle, Mathi Aavakkai Mango Pickle etc,. The most simple one is just the common Aavalai Mango Prepared in all South Indian homes. It is a standard recipe and can be easily made by all.

As mid summer is the ideal season to buy mangoes and make this pickle, this is the right time for you to procure them and try for yourself. It is just as simple as your any regular recipe.

Select the round aavakkai mango and cut into small cubes of size 2cm x 2cm and try. The retailer herself or himself will help you cut them uniquely with heavy duty choppers – be careful while cutting them as it will nicely chop off your fingers too.

Now let us see how to make Aavakkai Mango Pickles or Cut Mango Pickles.

Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle Recipe
Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle Ingredients:
Aavakkai Mango - 1 kg
Mustard            - 150 gms
Red Chilli          - 100 gms
Gingelly oil - 250 ml
Salt                         - 100 gms + 2tbsp
Fenugreek - 4 tbsp
Garlic - 10 (optinal)
Channa - 1/3 cup

Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle Method:
Cut mango in to 2cm x 2cm  inch pieces with shell . Soak  cut mangoes in water for a few minutes and wash it well. Wipe it with kitchen towel and dry in the shade (under the fan) for 5 to six hours in a clean white cloth.
Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

 Dry roast 2 tblsp of fenugreek and powder it. Dry mustard in the sun and powder it. Grind red chilli in the mixie.
Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

Peel and crush the garlic. Add mustard powder,red chilli powder,salt, fenugreek powder,crushed garlic   in a bowl.
Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

Add gingelly oil and remaining 2 tblsp fenugreek mix it well.
Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

Add cut mango little by little and mix it well. Wipe channa with towel.
Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

 Add channa and mix thoroughly and store it in the ceramic jar.
Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

Daily stir the pickle two times for 5 to ten days. After 10 days oil will ooze out and the pickle is ready for serving.
It wills go well with chapati, dosa, adai,rice, curd rice and so on.

Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle

Always use clean and dry spoon to take the pickle.
You can preserve the pickle in small bottles then only the pickle will have long life.
If you want you can keep the pickle in the direct sun for two to three days .

Aavakkai Urukai / Cut Mango Pickle


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