HomeMade Strawberry Crush

 Home Made Strawberry Crush
strawberry crush is a easy recipe. It will take hardly 30 minutes to make. You can make lot of recipes with this crush. We can make lassi,smoothie and milkshakes. We can make this crush in the strawberry abundant season and store it.
Home Made Strawberry Crush

Let us see How to make  Home Made Strawberry Crush
Home Made Strawberry Crush Ingredients:
Strawberry - 200 gram
Sugar - 400 gram
Water - 1 cup
Citric acid        - ¾ tsp
Sodium Benzoate - 2 pinch

Home Made Strawberry Crush Method:
 Add sugar and water in a pan and boil. After two minutes add citricacid.
 Home Made Strawberry Crush

 When the sugar melts switch off the stove and strain through the strainer. Again boil the sugar syrup till sticky consistency.
 Home Made Strawberry Crush

Clean the strawberry and blend it in the mixie. Aadd strawberry pulp and mix well and boil for some time.
 Home Made Strawberry Crush

Mix sodium benzoate in little water and add to the crush and stir.
 Home Made Strawberry Crush

 Switch off the stove and pour the crush in the clean and dry bottle. Close the bottle after cooling.
Whenever you want strawberry juice add ¼ cup crush and ¾ cup cold water in a glass and mix it well and serve.
Use strawberry crush in the cookies, homemade chocolates and cakes.
Use strawberry crush  for making smoothies and milkshakes.
If you use strawberry crush for longer, add sodium benzoate or else leave it.
If you don’t want sodium benzoate, You can store the crush in the refrigerator.
If you want you can add rasberry red colour two pinch for Pink colour.

 Home Made Strawberry Crush


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