Aloe Vera Lassi

Aloe Vera Lassi
Here another recipe in Aloe vera. Aloe vera lassi is as same as an ordinary lassi but it is like jelly in texture.
Though Aloe vera  is famous for its external and topical activity and properties it has also got numerous medicinal uses internally too.
Aloe vera relieves gastrointestinal disturbances and indigestion.
Aloe Vera is recommended for its laxative effects.
Aloe Vera reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Already i had posted the Aloe Vera Juice recipe, let us see how to make Aloe vera lassi

Aloe Vera Lassi

Aloe Vera Lassi Ingredients:
Aloe vera stem - 2
Curd            - 1 cup
Lime juice      - 1 tsp
Salt              - pinch
Sugar - 6 tsp
Ice cubes         - 4
Mint leaves - 5

Aloe Vera Lassi Method:
Peel the skin of aloe vera and take the gel. Wash this gel two times in water
Aloe Vera Lassi
 Add aloe vera gel, curd, lime juice, salt, sugar, mint and ice cubes in a blender.
Aloe Vera Lassi

 Blend it well.
Aloe Vera Lassi

Serve chill.

If you add more than 4 mint leaves the lassi will taste bitter.

Aloe Vera Lassi


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