Varagu Sadham

Varagu Sadham

Varagu Sadham is a dish made out of Varagu Arisi, which is exactly like Rice but the taste is better than Rice. Varagu Arisi is also known as Kodo Millet, and botanically as Paspalum scrobiculatum.
Already we have discussed elaborately about Varagu Arisi or Kodo Millet. For more details CLICK HERE.
Kodo Millet is easy to cook and good to taste. If made properly it serves as a good substitute for Rice. It can be taken with dhal and ghee or with sambar, just exactly like Rice.

Already we have discussed about Varagu Kanji and now let us see how to make Varagu Sadham

Varagu Sadham

Varagu Sadham Ingredients:
Varagu (Kodo millet) - 1 cup
Water                     - 3 cup

Varagu Sadham Method:

Clean and rinse the varagu in water. Add two cups of water in a vessel and add varagu and cook till done. 
Varagu Sadham

 When the varagu start bubbling, you can slow the flame.
Varagu Sadham

If you cook varagu in the pressure cooker, you can cook for one Whistle.

Varagu Sadham


Varagu is good for health, so you can make once in a while.
You can make varagu ven pongal also.
If you want the rice grainy you can add 2 1/2 cup water.

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