Sapota Milkshake

Sapota Milkshake

Sapota is a native of Central America and Mexico. Now a days it is seen throughout the world. The fruits are with grainy texture, smooth with a musky taste. The fruits are round or oval in shape and are woody in colour. The fruits are with more latex and as they ripe the latex is less.
The fruits are rich in calorie, high in sugar content and are a good source of energy. As the sugar content is more, they form an ideal smoothie or milkshake ingredient. The fruits are also high in vitamins, minerals and tannins. It is also useful for good eye sight and develops strong bones.

Now let us see Sapota (Chikku) Milkshake

Sapota Milkshake Ingredients:
Sapota - 2
Sapota Milkshake
Milk        - 200 ml
Honey - 3 tsp
Sugar - 3 tsp
Ice cubes          - 4

Sapota Milkshake Method:

Peel and remove the seed of the sapota. Chop in to pieces.
Sapota Milkshake

 Add sapota, little amount of milk, honey and sugar in a blender and blend well. Add remaining milk and again blend for a few seconds.
Sapota Milkshake

 Add ice cubes and serve chill. Add dash of honey over the milkshake and serve.

If you want you can add one scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Sapota Milkshake


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