Varagu kanji

Varagu kanji

Varagu kanji is a dish made out of Varagu Arisi or Kodo Millet, which is botanically Paspalum scrobiculatum.
Varagu is a annual plant which yields the Varagu arisi. Kodo Millet is primarily grown throughout India as a Small crop except the Deccan Plateau, where it is a major crop. Kodo Millet is also grown in the South East Asian Countries, such as Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and in West African Countries, from where it originated.

 Kodo Millet is a strong plant which can with stand bad weather and poor soil conditions. In drought hit areas it is cultivated as a major crop. As it can with stand any untoward conditions, it makes one also strong to with stand any condition or stress.
Kodo Millet is easy to cook and good to taste. If made properly it serves a s a good substitute for oats Porridge. It can be made with sugar or with pepper and salt.
Varagu Kanji serves as an ideal morning breakfast.
As Varagu is heat producing, it should be included slowly in the diet, or else it may cause mouth ulcers or gastric problems.
Nutritionally it is rich with lots of Iron, Vitamins and Minerals.
In Varagu Arisi many Varagu Arisi Recipes can be made like in Rice. The most common ones are
                                                              Varagu Arisi Kanji

Now let us see how to make Varagu Kanji
Varagu kanji

Varagu Kanji (Kodo Millet) Ingredients:
Varagu (kodo millet) - 4 tblsp
Curd        - ½ cup
Pepper       - ¼ tsp
Salt              - to taste
Coriander     - few
Water     - 2 cup

Clean and wash the varagu with water.
Varagu kanji

Add varagu in the cooking pan with 2 cups of water and cook in the low flame.
Varagu kanji

Often stir the varagu till done. Finally add salt and pepper powder and mix it well. Add curd or buttermilk when it is warm. Sprinkle coriander leaves and pepper and serve.


If you want kanji thin, you can add water according to your taste.
It is a good breakfast like oats.
It is easy to cook and good to health.

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