Paneer Tikka Pizza

Paneer Tikka Pizza
My son doesn’t like milk. So he usually skips his evening milk. As a result a lot of milk gets left over. In order to get rid of it , I make paneer from the milk. He loves when served as paneer butter masala, Paneer sandwiches, paneer pizzas, paneer tikka etc… So I make lot of paneer recipes.
I have specialized in paneer making ( see home made paneer). Paneer tikka pizza is one recipe which is ideal for kids as tiffin for the evening, as they return from school. Paneer tikka pizza can be made simply in a few minutes, it tastes too good and your kids will love them.

Come let us see hoe to make paneer tikka pizza.

Paneer Tikka Pizza Ingredients: (for 2)
Pizza base - 2
For Topping:
Paneer tikka - 100 Gms
Onion - 1
Capsicum        - 1
Tomato sauce - 4 tsp
Chilli flakes - 1 tsp
Oregano         - ½ tsp
Mozzarella cheese - 4 tblsp
For Paneer Tikka:
Paneer - 1oo Gms
Curd              - 3 tsp
Chilli powder - ½ tsp
Cumin powder - ½ tsp
Garam masala - ¼ tsp
Omam ( ajwain) - pinch
Salt        - to taste
Paneer Tikka Pizza Method:
Cut paneer into small cubes. Deseed the capsicum. Chop onion and capsicum.
Paneer Tikka Pizza

Mix curd, chilli powder, cumin powder, garam masala, omam and salt in a bowl.
Paneer Tikka Pizza

Add paneer in this mixture and mix gently without breaking the paneer and take it out and keep aside for about 15 minutes. In the remaining mixture add onion and capsicum and mix it well.
Paneer Tikka Pizza

 Spread tomato sauce over the pizza base and place onion, capsicum and paneer over it.
Paneer Tikka Pizza

Sprinkle crushed oregano and chilli flakes. Finally grate the cheese over the pizza.
Paneer Tikka Pizza

Cook it in the microwave for 3 minutes in power 100 degrees. Serve hot with tomato or chili sauce.                        

This time I used suriya’s pizza base, next time I will show you how to make.
You can add deseeded tomato, red capsicum, yellow capsicum etc…
You can use the cube cheese also.

Paneer Tikka Pizza

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