Phulka is a type of an Indian Bread which is very good for the body and health. It is good because it contains just whole wheat.
The phulka does not contain an iota of oil so it is very good for the diabetics. For kids it may be smeared with a dash of butter or ghee.
 Phulka is the Indian dish which is made in most Indian homes. It is also the maximum prepared dish from south to north and east to west.
Phulka goes well with vegetarian side dish as well as non vegetarian side dish.
In those days phulka was made on the direct flame in firewood or charcoal. But now a days phulka grill is available, with which you can make phulka in a second. Here goes the phulka recipe.


Phulka Ingredients:

Wheat flour - 2 cup
Water -1 cup
Salt -to taste

Phulka Method:
Mix wheat flour and salt well. Then add water little by little and knead the wheat flour into smooth dough. Then make small balls out of it.

 Make the thin balls into thin chapaties using the rolling pin. Heat the tava or non stick pan in the gas stove and cook one side of the chapati for one minute. Then cook other side for 2 minutes till the small brown dots appear.

Then take the chapati with help of tong and cook in direct high flame or phulka grill for a few seconds. When the chapati will puffs up then switch off the stove. Spread little ghee over the phulka or else you can serve plain. You can serve with paneer gravies or any other gravies.
The phulka  will puff up well, only if it is thin.


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