Chettinad Maavu Urundai

Maavu Urundai

Maavu Urundai (Chettinad)
Maavu Urundai is a Chettinad Delicacy, often made in Chettinad before the Marriages. There are giant sized Maavu Urundai presentations to the Bride Groom before the Marriage. Normally in Marriages, Maavu Urundai is given in 100s of numbers and even in thousands in some gala marriages.

The Bride Grooms family receives them and share among their relatives and friends.

In Olden days Maavu Urundai was made from hand ground green gram dal, ghee and sugar but now a days the Milling machines have come and have reduced the burden on the part of the brides family.

Maavu Urundai is a simple yet tasty recipe and can be stored for even a month.

Now let us see how to make Maavu Urundai

Maavu Urundai Ingredients:
Chettinad Maavu Urundai
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Pasiparuppu(green gram)  - 1 cup
Sugar         - 1 cup
Ghee         - 1/2 cup

Maavu Urundai Method:

Dry roast the pasiparuppu till light brown colour. Allow it to cool for sometime.
Maavu Urundai

 Powder the sugar in the mixie. Powder the paruppu in the mixie finely.
Maavu Urundai

 Sieve together and take the powder and mix well. Discard the left outs. Heat ghee in a frying pan.
Maavu Urundai

 Add the powder and mix thoroughly in the ghee. Then make lime size balls when hot.

You can powder green gram and sugar in the milling machine also. 

Maavu Urundai


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