Kambu Dosa

Kambu Dosa

Kambu is also known as Pearl Millet and we have talked elaborately about Kambu when we were earlier discussing about Kambu Puttu and Kambu Pakoda.

To further make you aware of Kambu here goes the synopsis of Kambu.

Kambu is the most widely grown Millet crop in the World and it is vastly grown in the Indian Sub continent. Kambu is known as Bajra in Hindi and Pearl Millet in English. 

Kambu has many health benefits to its credit. Kambu is rich in dietary Fiber, Iron and Vitamin B Complex. Kambu also contains vitamins E, B-complex, niacin, thiamine, copper, zinc, folate, magnesium  and riboflavin. As it is non glutenous it has lots of fiber, so it is beneficial in constipation and piles.

Kambu Dosa is a simple and easy diabetic recipe which goes well with almost all side dishes, especially it goes well with Coconut thogayal and Red Chilli Thuvaiyal.

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Now let us see how to make Kambu Dosa.

Kambu Dosa

Kambu Dosa Ingredients:
Kambu - 1 cup
Urad dal          - ¼ cup
Coriander seed - 1 tsp
Cumin  seed - 1 tsp
Ginger - 1 inch
Salt             - to taste
Onion - 1
Coriander      - 3 tblsp
Curry leaves - few
Oil              - as required

Kambu Dosa Method:
Clean and wash Kambu and  urad dal. Soak kambu and urad dal for about 2 hours.
Kambu Dosa

Grind kambu, urad dal, coriander seed, cumin seed,ginger(peel the skin) and salt in the mixie with required amount of water. Chop onion, coriander and curry leaves finely. Add chopped veggies in the ground batter and mix it well.
Kambu Dosa

 Heat tava in the gas stove and spread this batter in to a dosa. Cook both the sides well with oil.
Kambu Dosa

Serve hot with any chutney. Coconut thogayal is the best combination.
If you want the dosa hot, you can add red chilli or green chilli while grinding.
If you want dosa thin you can add water to the batter. Then make crispy dosa.

Kambu Dosa


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