How to make soft Idli / Chettinad Idli

How to make soft Idli

Idli (Chettinad)
Idli is one dish which is very commonly known, very healthy and widely cooked. It is known throughout the world as a south Indian delicacy. In most part of the world it is considered as the only south Indian dish as it is that much popular. 
Idli is made with lot of variations by including different ingredients and additives, throughout the world. In south india also there are numerous variations. Like inclusion of castor seeds, fenugreek along with urad dal.
Idli is one dish which is too good for health as it is easily digested and steam cooked. In this recipe i  make idli in our traditional method.
Now let us see how to make idli. 

Soft Idli Ingredients:

How to make soft Idli
Idli rice                                  - 4cup
Urad dal                                - 3/4 cup

Salt                                          - to taste                 

Soft Idli Method:

Wash the rice and dal and soak in water for 2 hours, separately. Then grind rice and dal separately in a grinder, till soft. Mix both the batter and salt well and allow it to ferment, over night(10 hrs).
How to make soft Idli

Heat the idli pan in the gas stove and put wet cloth on the idli plate. 
How to make soft Idli

When the steam comes, pour the batter in the idli plate and cook it in the steam.

How to make soft Idli

Serve hot with chutney and sambar or kosumalli.  I serve idli with our traditional vengayakosu.


You can grease the idli plate with little oil and pour the batter instead of wet cloth.
Don't pour water after fermenting. You can add water only in the grinding stage.
Don't mix the batter after fermenting. Gently take the batter and make the idli.


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