How to Make Soft Idli Batter/ Chettinad Idli Batter

How to Make Soft Idli Batter

Idli Batter(Chettinad)
As we already dicussed about idli in our earlier posts. Idli is made in many many ways in south india itself. The ideal side dish for idli is coconut chutney or tiffin sambar.

Chettinad is known for its soft idlis. The best and soft idli is made in chettinad. In traditional method, in those days idli was only made with more of urad dal and the batter was ground in the hand grinder called 'Aattukkal'. But now a days due to modernisation we have grinders which do the job well. As a result now we have reduced the urad dal in the ratio of 3/4 : 4 parts.

Here is how to make soft idli batter. Try for yourself and find out whether it is soft or not.
Now let us see how to make soft idli batter.


How to Make Soft Idli Batter

Idli Batter Ingredients:

 Idli rice                       - 4 cup
 Urad dal                      - ¾ cup
 Salt                             - to taste

Idli Batter Method:

Wash the rice and dal and soak in water for about 2 hrs separately. Then grind rice and dal separately in a grinder with required amount of water.
How to Make Soft Idli Batter

 Mix both the batter and add salt and ferment for about 10 hrs.
How to Make Soft Idli Batter
After ten hours you open the container and (don't mix the batter) take the batter gently.
How to Make Soft Idli Batter

 Then pour this batter in the idli plate and cook it in the steam. Serve hot with chutney and sambar or kosumalli.


In those days my grandma used to make idli in 4:1 ratio of rice and dhal. They were grinding in the hand grinder, but now as we are grinding in the grinder, we are able to grind well. The quality of the urad dal is also good, so it is sufficient if we use ¾ cup urad dal for 4 cups of rice.
While grinding urad dal, do not pour more water at a time. Add water little by little at regular intervals.
Add salt while grinding the rice.
Don't pour water after fermenting.
Don't mix the batter after fermenting. Gently take the batter and make the idli.

How to Make Soft Idli Batter



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