Wheat Rava Upma

Wheat Rava Upma

Wheat Rava Upma is a common recipe often made in South Indian Homes for breakfast or Dinner. Upma is the most simple recipe prepared in all South Indian Homes with vast variations. The simplest upma is made with just onions and the most complex one is with lot of vegetables and even bay leaf, which gives a vegetable biryani like falvour and taste. The normal upma is made with white Rava ( Sooji or Semonila) in restaurants and served in the name of Kichadi.
In chettinad special upma is made with mixing broken rice and  dal in apt proportions, which we will see later.
Wheat Rava Upma

Coming to Wheat Rava Upma, it is very Simple, tasty and highly nutritious. Especially the diabetics can rely on this, as it is made of Wheat and it goes well in the morning as breakfast and in the night as Dinner. The ideal accompaniments for this would be Red Coconut Chutney CLICK HERE or the Chettinad Kosumalli CLICK HERE.
Now let us see how to make Wheat Rava Upma

Wheat Rava Upma Intgeredient:
Wheat rava -    1 cup
Water -     3 cup
Onion -      1
Carrot -     ½
Beans -      6
Spring  onion -    2tblsp ( optional)
Green chilli -    2
Salt -    to taste
For  seasoning:
Mustard   -    ¼  tsp
Urad dal  - ¼ tsp
Cumin      -   ¼ tsp
Oil       -    3 tblsp
Wheat Rava Upma Method:
Chop carrot, beans,spring onion finely. Chop onion and green chilli lengthwise.
Wheat Rava Upma Wheat Rava Upma Wheat Rava Upma
Heat oil in a pan and add mustard, urad dal and cumin. When they crackle add onion and green chilli and sauté for a few minutes .Then add carrot and beans and sauté.
Wheat Rava Upma  Wheat Rava Upma  Wheat Rava Upma
 Add wheat rava and stir for a few seconds. Then add water and salt and mix thoroughly and cover the pan with the lid and low the flame and  cook till done. Often open the lid and stir to avoid sticking at the bottom.
Wheat Rava Upma  Wheat Rava Upma Wheat Rava Upma
 After ten to fifteen minutes open the cover and mix well and serve with any chutney or any vegetable gravy.
If you want you can cook in the pressure cooker also.
If you like veggies you can add or else You can make plain upma.
This upma is the good food for diabetic patients too.

Wheat Rava Upma


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