Kovakkai Fry

Kovakkai Fry

Kovakkai Fry is a diabetic friendly recipe which reduces Diabetes sugar levels remarkably. Kovakkai is known as Ivy Gourd in English. It is often prepared in Tamil homes as a lunch side dish recipe for rice.

There are only a few things that taste good and have high medicinal values, and kovakkai is one such vegetable. This Kovakkai Fry is a recipe which can be made easily on daily basis. Though Kovakkai Fry is an ideal side dish for sambhar rice or curd rice, it goes well with bread, dosa and chappathi too.

Kovakkai Fry  Ingredients:

kovakkai              - 250 gms
Masala podi         - 2 tsp
Salt                       - to taste
Oil                         - 2 tblsp

Kovakkai Fry Method:

Slice the kovakkai in to thin rounds or lengthwise removing the both ends.
Kovakkai Fry Kovakkai Fry
 Heat oil in a frying pan and add kovakkai and saute for five minutes. 
Kovakkai Fry Kovakkai Fry
Then add masala podi and salt and saute well till the raw smell goes and till it is soft.


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