Kavuni Arisi (Chettinad)

Kavuni Arisi (Chettinad)

In Olden days Nagarthars ( The major community of Chettinad Area) had business contacts throughout the World and most of them were in Burma, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and so on. During those days this particular Kavuni Arisi has come from Burma, where it grows well and it is very popular. The recipe also still exists in Burma, the now Myanmar. The Kavuni Rice is a highly glutenous(sticky) rice rich in Vitamin B. It is usually Deep Violet in Colour, but another white variety also exists. When my Sister in law, came from Thailand, she brought this for me, see photo. Both are exactly the same except for the colour. But I feel that the regular one is better than the white one.
Kavuni arisi is a Chettinad Speciality, which occupies a prominent place in all Chettinad Functions, especially the marriages. No function is complete without the Kavuni arisi recipe. It tastes very good, that non nagarathars will go for a second serving always.

The Kavuni arisi recipe is so very easy to make except for the soft texture, proper cooking will only give the soft and smooth texture. It will be hard if not cooked properly or if the rice is very old. Now a days this kavuni arisi is available in most big shops or super markets. You have to ask for black rice or karruppu arisi, if you ask for kavuni arisi they may not know. I always buy Kavuni arisi from our native and store it in the fridge. Even now the best rice still comes from Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand. If somebody is on a trip to these South East Asian Countries, you can ask them to bring home some Kavuni Arisi.
Now let us see the Kavuni Arisi Recipe.
Kavuni Arisi (Chettinad)

Soaking time              - 6 to 8 hours
Cooking time             - 30 minutes
Serves                      - 3 to 4
Kavuni Arisi Ingredients:
Kavuni arisi - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Coconut - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 3 tblsp
Water - 3 cups

Kavuni Arisi Method:
Wash and soak the kavuni arisi in 2 cups of water over night. Don't waste the soaked water.
Kavuni Arisi  Kavuni Arisi

Add 3cups of water including soaked water(according to the rice) in the pressure cooker. Then add soaked rice and cover with a lid and pressure cook for two to three whistle.

Kavuni Arisi Kavuni Arisi  Kavuni Arisi

Heat ghee in the frying pan and add the grated coconut and saute for a few seconds.

Kavuni Arisi  Kavuni Arisi
 Then add sugar and fried coconut in the cooked kavuni arisi and mix well. Then cook till the sugar melts and serve.


Kavuni arisi is available in Nilgiris.
There are two types of kavuni arisi. One is black and other one is white. See the picture below.

Kavuni Arisi (Chettinad)



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