Homemade Paneer

Homemade Paneer
Indian Cheese
Paneer is a type of cheese made in India, which is used in most Indian Vegetarian recipes. Though Paneer is available in most super markets, it is always advisable to prepare paneer at home. As paneer, available in super markets have long shelf life, there are all chances that it may be contaminated and may have lots of micro organisms which may produce food allergies and food poisoning. Paneer is easy to make and is tasty too. As Homemade paneer is made out of only milk it is completely vegetarian. The young and the old can relish it.

Preparation time                  - 10 minutes
Cooking time                      - 20 minutes
Yield                                 - 150 gms         
Homemade Paneer Ingredients:

Full cream milk - 1 litre
Curd - 1 cup

Homemade Paneer Method:

Homemade Paneer Homemade Paneer Homemade Paneer

Boil the milk till it bubbles.Then add curd and allow it to curdle.

Homemade Paneer Homemade Paneer Homemade Paneer
Strain the water in a clean cloth. Then wash the paneer in the cold water.Squeeze the excess water.Press it with a heavy weight for 30 minutes.Cut the edges and then cut in to required size cubes.Homemade Paneer is ready for use. 


You can store it in the refrigerator for about 7 days in air tight containers.
 In one litre milk you will get 150 gms of paneer.

With the Paneer Cubes you can make

                                                    Tawa Paneer
                                    Palak Paneer
                                    Kadai Paneer
                                    Shahi Paneer
                                    Paneer Tikka

With the waste paneer you can make
                                                   Paneer Bhurji  
                                Paneer Sandwich 

Homemade Paneer Method: