Orange Julius

Orange Julius
Everybody knows that Oranges are good for health. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and they give the immune power to our body. Oranges, fight diseases and give the ability to fight against diseases. 

Though Oranges are healthy, they are acidic. Some people who are more prone to acidic attacks  cannot take Oranges, as they increase acidity in the body and they produce gastric problems and hyper acidity. Freed Julius, a native of Los Angeles, also had this problem. He wanted to consume orange juice without the acidic side effects, so he invented a Orange drink by adding, Milk, Sugar, Cream and Vanilla flavoring, in the year 1926. As he was into fruit juices business he started serving this Orange drink to his customers. His customers started liking his Orange drink. As they came to his stand they started ordering “ One Orange Julius”. That is how the “Orange Julius” name came. The business started flourishing and later it spread from Los Angeles to the entire World. The Orange Julius was the official Drink of the New York World Fair in 1964. 

The Company was later taken over by International Dairy Queen(IDQ) in the year 1987 and is still in existence.

The IDQ launched another Drink called Lime Premium Fruit Smoothie in the year 2004, to compete with all Smoothies manufacturers.

Orange Julius, is a type of orange juice, which is made up of Orange Juice, Milk, Fresh Cream, and Vanilla flavoring. This is an international drink, which is common throughout the World and is avaialble in most big Restaurants and Fruit shops.
Orange Julius

Orange Julius Ingredients:
Orange chunks - 5
Orange juice - 120 ml
Milk        - 60 ml
Fresh cream - 30 ml
Vanilla cream - few drops
Sugar - as required
Ice cubes         - 4
Orange zest - few            

Orange Julius Method:
In a blender add orange chunks, orange juice, milk, fresh cream,
Orange Julius Orange Julius Orange Julius
vanilla essence, sugar and ice cubes  and blend well.
Shahi Paneer  Paneer Bhurji  Paneer Bhurji
Take a glass and  add orange chunks and pour orange Julius.
Shahi Paneer  Paneer Bhurji  Paneer Bhurji
On top of the juice grate orange zest and serve.
Orange Julius

You can use vanilla ice cream instead of milk cream.
If you like the orange zest smell you can add otherwise you can add orange chunks. In this juice I will show both the presentation.

Orange Julius


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